Mission & Vision

Go therefore and make disciples...


We serve a wonderful, exciting, and loving God. Our culture has a lot of misconceptions about Him. Let's dive into what the Bible really says about Him, get to know more about Him, and get a personal relationship with Him.


Once you have a relationship with God you need to grow deeper with Him. We'll help you learn how to connect with Him in personal prayer and Bible reading. And we'll worship Him together through studying His Word (the Bible) together, praising Him in song, and looking at how the Bible applies to our everyday lives.


We know... this is the part that can scare people. Maybe you're scared to talk about Jesus with others. Maybe you've even had someone push you too hard. But if you love someone or something that should naturally come up in conversation. Let's work together to learn how we can spread the good news in ways that are loving, life giving, natural, and intentional. We have the greatest gift of all in Jesus Christ...let's not be stingy with the gift but share it with everyone!

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