Prayer Requests Feb 28, 2024

Beth - received concussion from being rear ended. Is home for a few days

Brook- co-workers friend Andres

Margaret Jeffries - had a blood transfussion, her daughter Lisa recovering from hip surgery

Cindy - her dad Fred Winner passed away. Visitation is Friday 5:30pm at Johnson Funeral Home and funeral is Saturday 1pm at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church

William - youngest brother David having hip replacement

Tammy House -  cancer, chemo is working

George Staton - hernia surgery, back pain

Austin - grandpa

Bill and Debie  have bronchitis

Carolyn McManus - eye issues

From Austin- George Wells (my dad's neighbor). diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.  George is in remission now, but he has to get treatment every month for the rest of his life. His father just died. Grandfather has gout

From Kay - Pray for my brother-in-law, Sherwood Allcox, who is in rehab recovering from fluid around heart

Barbara Harris - I am asking for prayers for my upcoming surgery on Tuesday the 12th. Planning to have external fixator removed and not sure what to expect after that. I do know that I still won’t be able to weight bear still for a while . Jerry and I send our best wishes!

Libby Baker - Blake Dempsey’s good friend and the pastor of First Baptist Church in Morehead City, Nate Leonard, was involved in a serious car accident with his family. Nate and his wife were both seriously injured … the children had minor injuries.

Kay - Jerry Cooper in ICU in critical condition,

Anne Howell - friend lost her husband

Sherril's family as his brother died around Thanksgiving last year and they are having a memorial service

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