Prayer Requests April 24th, 2024

David Pope -at UNC Chapel Hill recovering from minor stroke and heart surgery

Kay - brother in law health concerns, May 1st surgery

Beth - received injuries from being rear ended. Recovering

Tammy House -  cancer, chemo is working

Tammy Davis - health

George Staton - hernia

Carolyn McManus - foot issues

From Austin- George Wells (my dad's neighbor). diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.  George is in remission now, but he has to get treatment every month for the rest of his life. His father just died. Grandfather also

Lee Roy Jones - Rocky Mount rehab

A person that needs employment

Carl Wiley -health

Timothy Stamatis- extended family of Carl and Carol Willey. Timothy is 3 years old, diagnosed with stage 4 cancer of kidney with Mets to his lung. Undergoing chemo at ECU. Surgery planned in next few weeks to try and remove tumor and left kidney.

Phil Chavez - health and finances of his mother, health of family. His own finances and blessings on his life

Family of Kathy Schmidt who passed away. Shared by Brenda Winstead

Christina Hamm 0 My aunt has been diagnosed with cancer. Waiting to find out more on what kind but it is in her abdomen and pressing on her kidneys.

Family of Jeff Winstead who passed recently

Odom Family - burying Dot, funeral incoming

Friend of Glenda needs prayer

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